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I went to Barry when I was in a very low place. What a kind, patient and soothing person he is. He helped me to understand why I felt the way I did and the process helped me to make changes in my life. He is empathetic, supportive and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again if I needed to ( and I may well need to!) knowing that this service is there is brilliant. I would highly recommend Barry.


Barry has really helped me take stock of my life and to solve important issues. I would highly recommend him as he takes time to listen as well as gives helpful advice. After 12 sessions, I now put his advice into practise every day and I am feeling a much happier person.


I find sessions with Barry extremely helpful. He has a relaxed personality and is very easy to talk to. His knowledge of anxiety is wide-ranging – certainly better than previous psychologists I have spoken to. The advice he has given me has always been useful and easy to put into practice. In a nutshell I’d recommend him to anyone.


I am a couple of sessions into my time working with Barry and I am really looking forward to future sessions. Barry is a really calming influence who is guiding me through my issues with support, understanding and a deep knowledge of human behaviour. If you are thinking of seeking help /support I highly recommend Barry. Great communication and very welcoming has helped me with my needs”

Barry has really helped me take stock of my life and to solve important issues. If I needed to see him he would always manage to give me an appointment.”

Barry has been an inspiration. I had visited a few therapists before starting with Barry, it was refreshing to find a therapist who actually listened and empathised and not just following text-book responses. I found his feedback and I received counselling from Barry Carruthers when I felt I was at my lowest point, he was Amazing with me and totally got how I was feeling.

Barry gave me little things to try at home if life was getting to much which helped me so much. If I needed to see him he would always manage to give me an appointment.

I would 100% recommend Barry if you are feeling you need to talk.
Thank you Barry from the bottom of my heart.
Life is good for me now and I’m loving life, you helped me achieve that xx

Barry has excellent insight which I value, is a great listener and has been a great guide, aiding me in navigating through the issues I face.

Hi my name is Barry Carruthers. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to support you through difficult times in your life that you are experiencing.
As a therapist I tend to work openly and directly, this enables me to help you focus on finding a positive solution to where you would like to be in your life.

I believe that good therapy should be time limited, as this allows you to move through the therapeutic process to achieve the best outcomes for you.

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