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Naughty Child or one Suffering Anxiety?

Is your child just naughty or do they need help with unseen mental anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns for children and adults, affecting upwards of 20% of children and adolescents over their lifespan.

Anxious youth are often quiet and well behaved, and thus frequently go unnoticed by their parents, teachers, and coaches. Alternatively others can be disruptive and act out, being labeled as having attention deficit disorder or being a “bad” kid. Both scenarios result in youth failing to receive the help they desperately need.

Sadly, untreated anxiety can lead to depression, missed opportunities in career and relationships, increased substance use, and a decreased quality of life.Parents often say that from a very young age, they knew there was something different about their child, but did not immediately recognize it as an anxiety problem.

Some waited for their child to “grow out of it”, never expecting their child to become even more debilitated over time. Other parents viewed the anxious behaviours as normal as, they, too behaved in a similar way. As a result, parents of anxious children and teens are often confused about what to do, as well as frustrated, and overwhelmed.

We have a deep understanding and working knowledge of the negative impact of Anxiety, Worry and Stress on your everyday life.We can provide a trusted safe therapeutic space for both adults and young people. I offer face to face or online sessions to fit in with your needs.We understand it can feel daunting to take the first step towards change but if you have the courage to do so the journey can start now.

Beautiful Minds Talking Therapy Service is a discreet confidential counselling service in Liverpool and Chester.Call me to schedule a FREE 20-minute chat to see how I can help you …….. really, what is the worst that can happen?

Beautiful Minds-Talking Therapy Liverpool Clinic: 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool. L1 9AR

Chester Clinic: 55 Hoole Road, Chester CH2 3NJ

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