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Need Somebody to Talk To?

No matter what you’re going through at the moment, connecting and communicating with others is the key to living well, especially if you’re struggling with an illness, depression, addiction, the loss of a loved one, or even just loneliness.

Trying to stuff your feelings, grit your teeth, and go it alone, is never effective. In fact, your emotions and feelings are there whether you talk about them or not. They are not going to simply go away just because you ignore them.

But if you make the effort to talk to another person, you may be able to release some of the tension and negativity that you’re experiencing and feel better in the end.


For Adults, Parents, Teenagers and Children in Chester & Liverpool.
You can schedule a FREE 20 minute chat to get help right NOW!
You can do this in a safe and confidential space.

Our gentle Talking Therapy sessions helps you find and understanding your vulnerabilities & painful feelings.

Taking Therapy can really help with:
*Anti-Social Behaviour
*Low Self-Esteem
*Anger and violent flare-ups.
*Suddenly misery and tearful bouts for no reason.
*Frustrations getting out of hand.
*Dealing with Loss and Trauma

Schedule Your FREE 20 minute CHAT NOW!

Beautiful Minds-Talking Therapy
Liverpool Clinic: 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool. L1 9AR
Chester Clinic: 55 Hoole Road, Chester CH2 3NJ

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