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Promoting Mental Health Awareness

Promoting Mental Health Awareness

Barry Carruthers BSc Hons Applied Psychology and Accredited Psychotherapist helps you find, explore and unpick positive coping strategies and solutions that help your employees and staff develop your understanding, Knowledge and skills to move forward when facing challenges and daunting problems in your life.

Private face to face referrals £60 per session

Private face to face block booking of 6 sessions £300


Private online/zoom referrals £50 per hour

Private online/zoom block booking of 6 sessions £250


Education/ School referrals £50 per session

Education/ School block booking of 6 sessions £250

Education 1 hour health and wellbeing Talks £250


Corporate Company referrals. face to face £60 per session

Corporate Company online/zoom  block booking of 6 sessions £300

Corporate Company Training 1 hour £450

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Approach No 2 involves discussions to find the best use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


We simply sit down and talk about your feelings to discover and recognise the early signs that lead to your anger.


Having the courage to come in and talk face to face could be the first step towards easing your frustrations.

How long does it take to get back in control?

Six sessions may be sufficient for you to feel you have enough control of your feelings, actions and behaviours again.

This is often all it takes to gain a new self-confidence and the ability to manage yourself in awkward or threatening situations.

We regularly review our progress to make sure you are happy with how it’s going for you.


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