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The Growing Pains of Teenagers

TEENAGER DIFFICULTIES: Adolescence can be a difficult period in a young person’s life. Teen brain development is at the root of many typical adolescent behaviours. Therefore, understanding this development can help parents cultivate patience and compassion.

A TEENAGERS BRAIN: Since teenage brains aren’t fully developed until around the age of 20 the areas that control reasoning & emotion can be immature, leading to impulsive and moody behaviour. The hormones of puberty can also lead to destructive behaviour like fighting, bullying, unsafe sexual behaviour, alcohol and/or substance abuse.The lack of emotional self-regulation skills can also lead to poor self-care and affect teen mental health.

HELPING TEENAGERS COPE: Teens need healthy ways to cope with the intense emotions caused by overactive hormones and other developments of a growing brain.Outdoor adventures, artistic expression, making music, and performing onstage are all healthy challenges that support stress resilience and teen mental health.We need to stimulate the growing teenage brain in positive ways. The direction will depend very much on their goals and skills which we can explore during our sessions.

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